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TPE NOVA 1 Bimode first impression.

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TPE NOVA 1 Bimode first impression. - Posted: October 12, 2019 - 7:38 PM Quote and reply
The TPE bi-modes first ran on a Saturday a fortnight ago and today was possibly the second day of operation. Alerted via a tweet I set off for the 1034 from Leeds to Liverpool starting at 0900 from Newcastle, which left 2 late
Leeds-Huddersfield (Public Time 17 mins act 18m 40; dwell 1 min act 2.5 mins).
70 past Cottingley (normally 75) unexplained 60 slow at Deighton.
Huddersfield-Manchester Vic (PT 30 mins act 30m 32; dwell 2 mins act 2.25)
72 max at Slaithwaite; 8m 3 secs to Marsden-best class 185 just under 7 mins
(Embarrassingly coach engine went off in Victoria but I forgot to see if pantograph up at Lime St)
Manchester Vic-Newton-le-Willows (PT 17 act 16m 07; dwell 1 min act 3.5 mins-see return)
Newton-le-Willows-Liverpool (PT 19 act 17m 01) Arr 6 late.
Amazingly for this corridor no checks apart from Deighton.
1225 Liverpool-Newton-le-Willows (PT 16 act 16m 33; dwell 1 min act 2.5-back 2 coach doors not released-GPS positioning? - so passengers had to move forward after stopping)
Held to 30 mph to Olive Mount, 1215 Wigan stopper left 5 late)
Newton-le-Willows-Manchester Vic (PT 19m act 16m 14; dwell 1 min; act 3m 2 secs)
Unexplained 43 mph slowing approaching Astley.
Manchester Vic-Hudds (PT 27 mins, act 28m 41; dwell 1m; act 1m 50)
37 mph at MP 0.5 up Miles Platting bank but 5 late Leeds-Chester then blocks us off-down to 12 mph. Slower than cl 185 up to line speed after Stalybridge but maybe only 10-15 secs worse than best.
Huddersfield-Leeds (PT 19 act 18m 36; arr 4.75 late) One early at Newcastle.
Generally, the 802 coped well with timekeeping if one ignores the longer station dwell times. Leeds-Manchester WTT times are very difficult to keep by a 185 even with a keen driver and a clear road, and the latter does not seem to exist often enough.
Seats: no problem for me but a lady getting on at Huddersfield plopped down (as in a 185) and said ”Ooh this is ‘ard”. Reservations-no labels or lights outwards, labels, no lights on return. Catering trolley: my CAF run had no hot water and neither did this! Better not happen when they start running to Edinburgh! Engine noise on diesel power very muted.
Weight shown as 251.5 tons.
IU 12.10.19

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NOVA 1 - Posted: October 12, 2019 - 7:59 PM Quote and reply
There is an emergency TSR in operation westbound at Springwood Jn, huddersfield affecting the up line and Penistone line in both directions today.

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