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Class 331 update. - Posted: July 2, 2019 - 2:45 PM Quote and reply
Following a tip-off yesterday the 1121 Leeds-Doncaster was selected as the train of choice and proved to be a 331 (331110) as it was yesterday. The other service was provided by a 321/322, but couldn't identify it at speed. Came back on the 1226 with a different driver, seemingly, who seemed slightly more confident than the outward one who had more cautious approaches to platforms. No criticism as it's still a learning curve.

There were some faster times than I'd recently recorded with the 321/2s but not by much. 94 mph the quickest outwards and despite running 5 mins late on the return from Fitzwilliam we drifted down the bank from Nostell summit after reaching 92 mph. Doncaster arr 10 secs late and Leeds 3m 35 late.

LDS-OUT 9-17 9-48
OUT-WWG 3-36 3-39
WWG-SDL 3-15 3-15
SDL-FTZ 4-57 4-52
FTZ-SEL 4-34 6-25
SEL-ADW 4-43 4-40
ADW-BEN 3-15 2-50
BEN-DON 3-46 3-11

Technicians were on board trying to sort out the public address which was one station behind and pointed to the wrong exit side at Doncaster. Wi-fi worked but, sadly, the seat reservation displays were blank. These are identical to the IEP ones. There was a door problem at two stations on the return. Air conditioning worked.

All in all not that bad an experience and I didn't think about seat hardness once!

Ian U 02.07.19

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