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More power for Class 800's - Posted: September 11, 2019 - 10:20 PM Quote and reply
it is being reported on some Internet Forums that the Class 800 and Class 802 fleet are having the diesel engine power curves remapped to provide even more traction power for greater performance.

Drivers are reporting that where Class 802's report maximum power figures of 80-90% of full power for traction, this new uprated flavour of Class 800 is reporting power levels of up to 92% of the 940hp power being available for traction.
The original Class 800 engine setup reported power figures of between 70 to 80% maximum available power being available.
It is claimed that one of the reasons for this latest upgrade is to ensure that any units on 'diesel only' restriction won't lose significant time on 125mph sections of track. Drivers report the upgraded units performing almost as well as 2+8 HST's and maybe even slightly faster.
RPS members - please report back on any noted improvements please.

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