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1138 York-Leeds TPE NOVA today

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1138 York-Leeds TPE NOVA today - Posted: August 29, 2019 - 4:34 PM Quote and reply
After an awful TPE run from Leeds to York made the 1041 from Scarborough with 30 mins in hand. 68027 pushed the 5 CAF coaches into platform 4 a bit early. No chance of any records from there and we ran via the Normanton Lines to Church Fenton's 70 mph crossover:
York 0m 00
Chalenor Whin 2m 37 at 86 mph
Copmanthorpe 3m 44 at 100 mph
Church Fenton 8m 55 at 68 mph/ 91 mph
Micklefield 12m 35 at 86 mph
Cross Gates 16m 14 at 80mph
Leeds 22m 23
(The 1124 York-Leeds stopper left at 1140 luckily)

Effort rewarded as the run can be bettered but not to a great extent via this routeing. GPS already primed and seemed to cope, as you would expect, in the largely open landscapes. There was a brief suspicious dip in one of the cuttings on Micklefield Bank, but I can understand that it may be different over the Pennines. Nice train and the ride acceptable especially as I was over one of the bogies.
Ian U 29.08.19

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68 thursday - Posted: August 29, 2019 - 7:11 PM Quote and reply
another bad day for TPEXp Person hit by a train at Milnsbridge, west of Huddersfield, Significant delays, cancellations and diversions. Over an hour late on my return from lunch in Leeds to huddersfield.

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