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100 up on Bolton Line - Posted: May 28, 2019 - 7:15 PM Quote and reply
Although differential 95/100 speeds have been available in theory between Salford Cr and Chorley for six months the traction able to take advantage of them has been limited.

Most Anglo Scottish services run nonstop via Bolton since the start of the new timetable instead of Chat Moss and are operated by cl 350 emus which can run up to the higher differential speeds.

Today's 1026 from Man Picc was already 9 late increasing to 11 at Oxf Rd and suffering a sig stop before Salford Crescent. Kearsley was passed at 99mph and after sigs west of Bolton 100 mph by Horwich Pwy almost maintained until the 75 mph Chorley restriction kicked in. 33m 42 Ox Rd to Preston on a 33 min schedule for the 31 miles.

The 1447 return from Preston left on time and ran in the high nineties with one 100 mph before Bolton and a 91 mph max after before slowing for a 75 tsr at Kearsley. A dreary run in from Agecroft forced a 2 min loss on the 33 min schedule.

Bolton (20.27 miles) passed in 16m 40 from Preston and Clifton (26.16) in 21m 48.
IU 28.05.19

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