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Azuma update. - Posted: May 19, 2019 - 12:20 PM Quote and reply
Three more Azuma runs to complete the current area of operation. I've now dubbed them "IC 124" as their top speed appears to be 200 kph = 124.4 mph. The GPS occasionally fickers up to 125 mph just as it does down to 123 possibly due to the gradients. I had a brief 126 yesterday and another member claims 127 but it appears that individuality is being further sucked out. The ECML south of Doncaster allies itself more to cruise control than, say, north of Newcastle.

Friday 1718 Kings Cross- Hull
Teatime is not a recipe for unchecked running out of Kings Cross. The front coach was full of green lights but possibly not the best choice, see later.

55m 18 secs to Peterborough left 6 late. The upgrade of Fletton Jns SL connection to 75 mph was taken advantage of and could maybe comprise a faster finish to platform 4(?).
17m 35 to Grantham
9m 28 to Newark (4 late)
Rossington passed in 16m 54 but transferred to the SL at Decoy as booked and arr Doncaster in 26m 07.

Electric working is allowed to Hambleton South Jn currently so the question was would we take advantage? I couldn't hear anything upon departure and we accelerated to 123 by Moss so obviously electric. I then discovered the front coach was a "Quiet Coach" with no diesel engine.

70 PSR over Templehirst Jn where we were doing 61 dropping to 57 and back to 67 to Selby 15m 55. Acceleration hindered by PSRs out of Selby with differentials beyond the higher of which are barred to Class 80x.75 mph is the nominal maximum but there is an 80 stretch beyond Howden giving a trip maximum of 79 mph and 90 after Broomfleet. Selby-Brough 20m 07. The first unrestrained departure under diesel power brought an acceleration to 73 with Ferriby (3.00) passed in 3m 31 and Hessle Road (8.54) in 8m 35. A Brid bound train forced a brief stop with Hull reached in 14m 04, 4 late. On SX the set returns to Doncaster in passenger use, ostensibly forming a connecting service for Kings Cross. No more return ECS to Neville Hill but a short excursion to Carr Depot. Seemingly more coaches than passengers as we left on time. A 50 tsr after Hessle and Brough reached in 13m 17 (10.5 miles).
A 65 PSR kicks in at Crabley Creek (2.23) passed in 2m 57s. Cruise control allowed an occasional surge to 74 mph with Selby reached in 20m 38. There are two irrelevant short 90 mph stretches A LC failure at Henwick ironically saved me 30 mins as I missed my Doncaster connection. 71 before Templehirst and we dropped to 61 before the electrics kicked in. I was in a diesel coach and they seemed more intrusive than the GW sets.

On Saturday the 0700 from Hull was intercepted at Selby. No LC problem and a 68 maximum fell to 61 before electric power was instigated. 18m 39 to Doncaster with a slow approach/stop. Unfortunately we suffered signals before Black Carr and reached Newark in 23m 57. Claypole (4.78) was passed in 3m 42 and after a slowish approach Grantham was reached in 10m 53. Stoke Tunnel n end (4.34) passed in 3m 33 and Peterborough (pfm 2) reached in 17m 44. On time and with 49 mins left an unchecked run was unlikely and St Neots was passed in 14m 43 before an 80 tsr intervened. More slightly less than PSR running followed and Ally Pally was passed in 39m 33. Hold ups meant Kings Cross was reached in 49m 40.

Neutral Sections-seems similar to Cl 91 performance.

It's anticipated that the diagram commencing with the 0640 from Leeds will start from the 27th May.

Subsequent workings should be the 1006 Newark/1156 return,1403 to Leeds/1645 return then 1933 back to Leeds.

IU 19.05.19

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Re: Azuma update. - Posted: May 20, 2019 - 9:13 AM Quote and reply
13.03 Sunday Kings Cross to Leeds 800 113
KGX to SVG 19.53. Slow start..and slow approach. Could easily have been faster
Driver on maiden return run.
SVG to PBO 29:16 Hitchin pass in 3:26 @ 122mph. Tsr near St Neots and slow approach.

Peterbro to Grantham 17:45.
V fast start, and very cautious time dissipating approach.

Grantham to Newark in 9:48
Peascliffe tunnel pass 2:11 @96mph, Barkston sth 3:15 @ 117mph. Again a leisurely stop.

Newark to Doncaster 22:03 - Newark flat crossing pass 1:01 @65mph, MP 126 pass in 4:09 at 122mph.Usual approach crawl into Doncaster.

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AZUMA INTRO PROPGRAMME - Posted: May 23, 2019 - 8:32 AM Quote and reply
from London North Eastern Railway TWITTER.
‏Verified account @LNER
Monday to Friday
In service from 16th May -
07:00 Hull to King’s Cross 11:03 King’s Cross to Leeds 13:45 Leeds to King’s Cross
17:18 King’s Cross to Hull 20:28 Hull to Doncaster.
Monday to Friday.
w/c 27th May will add -
06:40 Leeds to King’s Cross 10:06 King’s Cross to Newark North Gate
11:56 Newark North Gate to King’s Cross 14:33 King’s Cross to Leeds
17:14 Leeds to King’s Cross 20:03 King’s Cross to Leeds
Monday to Friday
w/c 03rd June will add –
05:05 Leeds to King’s Cross 08:03 King’s Cross to Leeds 10:45 Leeds to King’s Cross
14:03 King’s Cross to Leeds 16:45 Leeds to King’s Cross 19:33 King’s Cross to Leeds
Monday to Friday
w/c 10th June will add –
15:33 King’s Cross to Leeds 18:15 Leeds to King’s Cross
Monday to Friday
w/c 17th June will add –
05:30 Leeds to King’s Cross 08:33 King’s Cross to Leeds 11:15 Leeds to King’s Cross
14:06 King’s Cross to Newark North Gate 15:56 Newark North Gate to King’s Cross
18:03 King’s Cross to Skipton 1 reply 2 retweets 6 likes
Monday to Friday
w/c 24th June will add –
05:55 King’s Cross to Leeds 08:45 Leeds to King’s Cross 11:33 King’s Cross to Leeds
14:15 Leeds to King’s Cross 17:03 King’s Cross to Leeds 19:45 Leeds to King’s Cross

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SCOTTY AZUMA - Posted: May 31, 2019 - 3:58 PM Quote and reply
LNER have announced the introduction of an Azuma from/to Scotland from 1 st August 0540 Edinburgh to KX, 1106 KX to York, 1402 York to Kx, 1730 KX to Edinburgh Mon to Fri on a Saturday 0655 Edinburgh to Kx 1230 KX to Edinburgh + Sundays
Full list is at

including more Leeds Runs in July.

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