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Loco resistance

The continuing correspondence concerning resistance formulae is not suitable for the format of the quarterly magazine, so continues here.  

This can be downloaded from a complete doc file or a series of pdf files below.


Download the complete file

Download: 1 Initial correspondence pdf file

Download: 2 Doug Landau 2017 pdf file

Download: 3 John Knowles 2017 pdf file

Download: 4 Doug Landau 2017 pdf file

Download: 5 John Knowles 2018 pdf file

Download: 6 Doug Landau 2019 pdf file

Download: 7 John Knowles 2020 pdf file

Download: 8 Doug Landau 2021 pdf file

Download: 9 John Knowles 2021 pdf file

Download: 10 Doug Landau 2021 pdf file


This correspondence has continued for over four years, and it is probably appropriate now to close it.

John Knowles has submitted a reply to the last post from Doug Landau, disagreeing†with much of it. Anyone interested in his reply can ask him to see it by emailing†jayknowles34@gmail.com. He accepts the decision to end this post, believing MP is not the† best place for the technical treatment of the subject.†

David Ashley, Editor†

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