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SouthEastern drivers commence class 395 'Javelin' simulator training

One hundred and twenty Southeastern drivers are receiving training on a new Class 395 'Javelin' simulator in Ashford Kent, to prepare them for driving the 140mph trains, which enter passenger service in December next year.

The Corys T.E.S.S built simulator will enable drivers to experience the pace and power of the new trains, together with their on-board signalling system and advanced controls. The system allows instructors to create various scenarios to test drivers’ ability to react to both regular and unexpected circumstances.

Driver manager Malcolm Bushell, who has been closely involved in the Class 395 training programme and who has helped to test the first units now in the UK, said: “The simulator is the next best thing to the train itself.

“It replicates the sights, sounds and sensations drivers will experience once inside the cab, and enables them to become familiar with the trains’ tremendous performance while in a safe and controlled environment.

“The benefits of being able to incorporate this into the learning experience are immeasurable, and the simulator is a major part in literally getting our drivers ‘up to speed’ prior to the trains’ introduction next year.”

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