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'Milepost' is the quarterly magazine of The Railway Performance Society, issued in January, April, July and October every year.

It is published in A5 format and usually runs to 72 pages of news and articles. See below for the contents of our last three issues.

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Browse below to see a summary of articles published in the last few editions of Milepost.



In the January 2017 magazine, Frank Collins recalls his travels on Class 350s in northern England in advance of the Mass Timing Days. Ian Umpleby explains the diversion of XC trains via Barnsley during the May 2016 bank holiday. Martin Roberson covers the ECML, WCML, Glasgow-Perth, TPE, Cheltenham-Birmingham and the Festiniog Railway in his Fastest Times series

Peter Absolon recalls a journey from Canterbury via Liverpool Street to Cambridge in 1966, involving two reversals with Class 31s. Derek Wilson explains three journeys on the southbound Flying Scotsman in the 1960s. Noel Proudlock describes journeys from York to Leeds and Scarborough behind Classes 33, 37 and 47. Bill Hemstock recalls his journeys behind and HST and Class 45 from the East Midlands to St. Pancras.

David Lloyd-Roberts describes his travels on a Sussex day rover ticket in 1961. Martin Robertson explains his journeys behind steam on the Borders line. Sandy Smeaton compares journeys from Carlisle to Glasgow in 1939 (Patriot and Royal Scot), Perth-Glasgow in 1965 (73149), and Carlisle-Edinburgh in 2014 (46115)

Malcolm Simister describes a journey from Adelaide to Melbourne, and Alan Varley covers services to Strasbourg

John Rishton describes journeys on Cross country services diverted via Worcester owing to the closure of the main line at Bromsgrove. He also covers a diverted service from Warrington to Rugby, and David Ashley analyses the effects of Storm Angus in the south-west of England. He also samples the new service from Marylebone through to Oxford.

In the October 2016 magazine, the Fastest Times article covers the West Coast and East Coast Main Lines, Cross Country, Trans Pennine, Chiltern, Great Western and Anglia main lines. Ian Umpleby covers a journey from Manchester to Newport on a Class 153 dmu. Bevan Price reviews services to St. Helens from the days of steam through to the recent introduction of Class 319s on the newly electrified routes

Michael Rowe commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Somerset and Dorset closure by reviewing services from 1915 until closure.

Derek Wilson recalls his travels on the Biarritz Express behind steam in 2006. John Heaton describes his journeys in Holland and Belgium, and Malcolm Simister explains his journey on the route from Perth to Mandurah in Australia.

Martin Robertson explores the Glasgow suburbs on the diversionary route from Glasgow to Stirling. Sandy Smeaton describes the exploits of Class 37 37025 on the Highland Main Line, and Alan Varley achieves his ambition of recording a 280kph average speed between Champagne and Lorraine on the TGV, and David Ashley describes the introduction of electric traction by GWR to the west of London.

The HST supplement celebrates the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the HSTs and compares current running with the performance of the trains when first introduced, and plots the changes through the years on the GW main lines, the East Coast and Cross Country services.



In the July magazine, Sandy Smeaton reviews journeys on a rail tour on the Borders line behind a Class 68 and a Class 66 . Martin Robertson covers the ECML, WCML, MML, Chiltern, Southern, SWT Festiniog and Eurostar in his Fastest Times article.

David Lloyd Roberts covers the northern end of the ECML in the 1970s behind Class 37, 40, 45, 47 and 55 diesel locomotive. John Rishton covers Class 86s on the WCML, Class 47 and 317 on Cambridge line expresses

We continue Martin Barrett's series of articles covering the final days of steam of the Bournemouth line, with steam rapidly disappearing from service trains in the spring of 1967.

Alan Varley considers new developments pending the LGV-Est extensions.

Frank Price outlines the RPSI steam rail tours from Dublin to the west of Ireland and to Belfast. Martin Robertson describes the new timetables following the temporary closure of Glasgow Queen Street. David Ashley reviews the first journeys of the Thameslink Class 700s south of the Thames.

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