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There has been considerable interest in the performance of the Class 800s, since their introduction in mid-October on the GWML.

It has been decided to publish the initial logs on this web-site, together with a summary of fastest times and a comparison with current HST post-2008 Fastest Times and WTT times, and with other data that becomes available.

A power point file is included which provides detailed analysis by RPS Technical Officer Dr David Stannard, but please note that this is a very large file (19mb), so it may take a significant time to download.

Extensions to the south west and electrified services to Swindon have been added, and we will update the log file regularly, and create further files, as the extension of electrification continues. 

Logs from our Mass Timing Day in July 2018 can be downloaded below. Printed copies, together with commentary, real time data and analyses of time lost will be available to our members. 

A file has been added which includes super-fast runs from Paddington to Chippenham and Bristol Parkway. It also shows the logs for the Fastest IET Times on the main line at January 2020, and it will be updated as new records are received. A similar file has been added for the South West of England

Download 2020 file showing Fastest IET times and logs in the south west here:

Download 2020 file and superfast log file here:

Download log file here:

Download log file for South West England:

Download Keith Farr log file here:

Download Mass Timing Day logs here:

Download Class 802 introduction file:

Download IET Electric running to Swindon file:

Download power point file here:

Download Autumn 2018 update file here:

Download ECML log file here:

Note the file size, as mentioned above

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