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The RPS has been regularly publishing details of Fastest Times between selected stations in the UK, with the listings available on The RPS website under DATA: Fastest Times Listings. The current tables try to reflect the current stopping pattern of the services which operate over each line.

INCLUSION CRITERIA: Must have a publicly advertised non-stop working by the qualifying traction type, which has been advertised in a public timetable as operating between the two points in question on at least one day per week for at least four consecutive weeks.  Generally, no distinction will be made as to the route taken. The section must have been capable of being used by fare-paying passengers, and must have been advertised to members of the public, whether by way of public timetables, station notices or public address announcements on stations or trains concerned. 

For the main lines in Great Britain, the WCML and ECML, listings are available for pre and post 2008, to try to reflect the current defensive driving practices espoused by all train operating companies.

GB Fastest Times:

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