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The society has produced a number of tools suitable for the active train recorder. Currently the following are available

  • Log Template

  • Horsepower Calculation

Log Template

A new RPS log template is available. Click on this link.

New RPS Log template

Three sample log templates are also available to show how logs can be set up in Excel to do automatic calculations of decimal mileages if you alter or add timing point 'miles and chains'. They also automatically calculate the average speed if you insert the times. Play around with the formats to suit yourself. The three templates show examples for up and down trains and demonstrate what happens if mileage sequences change or if the trains make a succession of stops.

Down Run With Stops

Up Run With Stops

Down Run Non-stop

Horsepower Calculation

After recording details of a train journey it is possible to calculate the drawbar horsepower delivered by the locomotive over sections of the route. Traditionally this is done for the approaches to the major summits on the route travelled. It is possible to compare classes of locomotives or indeed locomotives within the same class using this tool.

Download Horsepower Calculation

Omnicom track locator

Links are at:





Windows phone:


RPS Archives

The new RPS Archives Search Engine with greatly enhanced search features to facilitate easier usage from its own dedicated website is now online. This has replaced the old Database Search facility from the RPS Website and can be found here


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